A downloadable game

You are a virus. Nothing else. You do your job, and the only rule is, don't get caught.

Hired by the hacker aliance agency, your goal is to protect and serve, nothing else, there is no need to know why, what or when this is gonna happen, because it will happen.

Why? When? All the questions you mustn't asked. But as you learn more about yourself... you might figure out the whole plot around this operation.

Your name is Code_RED, protect and serve the aliance to remember, you'll be rewarded in the end.


Developed by the company who made Insult Heroes, Code_RED bring a different view on the labyrinth perspective, with changing hardware, and evolution, you must be able to evolve too.

Discover a load of levels based on different aspects of the computer with varying hardware and difficulty.

Use your skills to take out the good as they venture on a path in the system featuring unique stealth gameplay. Take out firewalls, computer chips and other things that get in your way...

Hack and destroy your current computer and upgrade your virus for different attacks and venture out in to the open...

Just remember, YOU ARE THE BAD GUY.