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The game is played as follows:

Goal of the game:

  • Find out your opponents weakness to insults by conversation without revealing your own.
  • When you have found out their weaknesses you can decide what insults to use or to counter-insult statements.
  • Counter-insult random statements e.e "My cat died yesterday.", you could say "I'm not surprised by the way you were feeding them."
  • (4 player games only.) Befriend your opponents to find out weaknesses quicker and easier.
  • Find out your opponents type.

Basic Instructions

  1. The game starts with 100HP. The first player then chooses their conversation choice for that round. It can either be an insult or general conversation. Using insults immediatley may confuse rather than kill your opponent.
  2. The first player then will say that statement.
  3. The second player has a chance to respond to the conversation and in the end start up a conversation.
  4. The first player will choose a statement and so on and on.

This is the main premise of the game.

Additional Instructions

  1. In the conversations opponents may reveal their likes and dislikes, note them down as it is essential.
  2. Once you figured out the other person's weakness you can then start attacking. Attacking comes in two forms. Direct attacking or counter-attacking. Direct attacking can be used at any time. Players choose a conversation topic they would like to attack with and then they can attack. Counter-attacking happens when the opponent says a statement that the player can counter-attack with.
  3. Counter-attacks shouldn't always be used. For example, you can find out more infomation by listening to what the person has to say rather than counter-attacking with another statement. You can use a counter-attack by pressing the lighting button when an appropiate statement is reached.
  4. Swearing is frowned apon in normal speach but in insults it is perfectly fine. If you use swearing in normal speach your opponent may get angry forcing you to lose more points if they attack.
  5. Block cards can be used once or twice per game depending on the opponent's special ability. Block cards can be used to block an insult by the opponent physically attacking you lowering your HP. (EXECEPTION: Yandere-chan (A dlc character) Will attack automatically regardless of using a block card.)
  6. Rage meters are present in every fight as a last ditch effort to keep their character alive. Rage meters will fill up overtime and when they fill up to the top you can unleash a DEVISTATING insult which will send the opponent flying… figuratively. It will drain anywhere from 20 to 50 HP.

Frenzy Mode

Frenzy Mode is an add-on to the game. This is how it works.

Frenzy mode is the main game but WITHOUT THE INVESTIGATION! Just throw random insults at each other and hope for the best!

Insult Heroes Makes Use of The Webcam! - * Required for Online Play! * * Not Required for Offline Play though! *